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Welcome to The End of the Line Tackle Co., manufacturer of quality fishing tackle. Currently we are offering high quality Sinker Slides, both with and without Duo Lock Snaps.
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What distinguishes The End of the Line Tackle Co. from other fishing tackle manufacturers?:

  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!! - If you are dissatisfied for any reason, return your tackle for a full refund.

  • FLAT RATE SHIPPING!! - Regardless of the size your order is, you will ALWAYS pay only $2.95

  • Fast Shipping!! - We ship on the next business day!! In most cases your fishing tackle will arrive to you within 5 business days!!

  • Quality Products!! - All our fishing tackle products are made with the best components available including the packaging. We package all our products in resealable zip locked bags, so you can take what you need and protect your remaining tackle from the elements.

What makes our Sinker Slide / Fishfinders better than others?

  • Our duo lock snaps are made with stainless steel unlike others made with nickel cadmium, tin or brass The corrosion resistance of stainless steel in saltwater is much greater than the metals and alloys used by others. Get superior sinker slides made with stainless steel duo lock snaps.

  • We offer 2 different sizes of duo lock snaps, the traditional #6 and the oversized #6w.

    • Our traditional #6 snaps are 1 1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch wide at their widest point. Our #6 snaps are available in either stainless (silver) or black.

    • Our extra large stainless steel #6w Duo Lock snaps are wider and deeper than traditional #6 duo locks and are capable of holding sinkers in excess of 16 ounces.   These snaps are 1 5/8 inches long and 5/8 inch wide at their widest point. Our #6w snaps are only available in stainless (silver).

  • We use 3 different types of sinker slides to make our sinker slide / fishfinders.

    • The traditional sinker slides are made of nylon. Nylon is soft and will not fray your fishing line. These sinker slides are available in either white or black. These sinker slides are not recommended with braid and will not last as long as out other sinker slides when used with large sinkers.

    • Our yellow braid tested / heavy duty sinker slides are stronger and larger than the traditional sinker slides. Because of their strength, they will last much longer. We recommend these sinker slides be used with braid fishing line and, when coupled with our #6w extra large duo lock snaps, these are the best sinker slide / fishfinders to use with sinkers of 16 or more ounces.

    • The third slide we offer is the Quick Attach sinker slides. Quick Attach sinker slides are also braid resistant. If you use a snap or a coastlock swivel at the end of your line so you can easily and quickly change lures, this is an essential addition to your tackle box.  When you decide to switch to bait, you can quickly attach the slide to your line without cutting and re-tying your set-up.  Spend more time fishing and less time setting up your tackle.  The more time your line is in the water, the greater the opportunity to catch fish.  If conditions should change and you need to go back to using lures, you can quickly remove the sinker slide / fishfinder without cutting and re-tying your set-up.

Why use a Sinker Slide / FishFinder?

  • Turn your drop sinkers (bank, flat bank, etc.) or  your sinkers with eyes (pyramid, cannonball, storm, bell etc.) into inline sinkers.

  • When you use a sinker slide, a fish chomping on your bait is able to pull out line without feeling any sinker resistance.  Because the fish doesn't get spooked, he will continue chomping on the bait increasing the chances you will hook him. Once hooked, if the fish should leap out of the water, he will not be able to use the sinker weight as leverage to spit the hook out.

  • Using a sinker slide with a duo lock snap also enables you to change sinkers easily should fishing conditions change and you wish to change to a heavier or lighter weight.

What are the advantages of using a Sinker Slide / FishFinder over egg sinkers?

  • Using a drop sinker with a Sinker Slide / Fishfinder is better than using an egg sinker. Whereas egg sinkers tend to roll in strong currents, drop sinkers will stay still lying on the bottom. Using a Sinker Slide / Fishfinder with a drop sinker marries the advantage of inline sinkers (allowing a fish to pull out line with no sinker resistance) and that of drop sinkers (the ability to hold the bottom).

  • As mentioned above using a sinker slide with a duo lock snap enables you to change sinkers easily should fishing conditions change and you wish to change to a heavier or lighter weight. Doing this with an egg sinker requires un-tying and re-tying your set-up.


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